Monday, November 25, 2013

Why see the world when you've got the beach?


In today's episode of Hanna's obsession I will be sharing two or maybe three things that I love. They are, Frank Ocean, The Bling Ring and Sofia Coppola. I wanted to do this post about Frank Ocean mainly, but I couldn't think of anything to draw that would fit into my style and then I remembered that one of his songs is in the end of the movie The Bling Ring and voila I had an idea. The Bling Ring is about a group of teenagers that steal from a whole bunch of celebrities houses by just walking into their unlocked houses. Emma Watson is amazing in this movie because she is just the opposite of herself in every way. Also Sofia Coppola's movies are always really beautiful to look at. Now onto why Frank Ocean is awesome. I am not actually sure why I like him. It's weird because he is an R&B type singer, and if you have seen any of my other posts you will know that I like alternative, British music. I just can't explain why I like him. I don't know!

So there it is. Hooray!

Have a joyous evening! I'm going to see Capital Cities in concert! AHHH!


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