Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh Bromeo, Bromeo where for art no homeo.

Hey There,

Long time no talk. haven't updated this in a while (cough cough since June). I just wanted to put up an update about the fact that I am not going to update this blog anymore. I realized that I have like 500 social media platforms and I can't maintain them or make them the best they can be. I have decided to make my tumblr blog my main blog and stop the blogspot (blog blog  blog blog). I know this will really only affect me, but hey I like to pretend that someone might be following what I do. No one is though.. I'm fine with that.. Completely fine.

Here's a drawing I did though. Might as well end on a high note.

 Peace out!

Hanna Wainio

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My crowning achievement is having the *pop* solo while singing Lollipop at school

Hey there. Yes the title of this post is true.

Right now I'm listening to this playlist and loving it. Girl groups from the sixties are wonderful. They make me wanna start my group with matching outfits and kick ass harmonies. Oh! and synchronized dance moves that involve doing various creative arm motions. Ahhhh a girl can dream. Anyways, I have done so more paintings so I thought I would share them as well. OHHH and also something else exciting is happening soon. I AM GOING TO SEE ARCTIC FUCKING MONKEYS!!!!! AHHHHHHHH THEY ARE SO AMAZING.



Other than that I think I'm done sharing.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mooooovies and Tiny Things

Once again hello.

I always feel weird starting with a greeting, but then if I don't put one I feel rude and no one wants to feel rude now do they? I will continue to do it I suppose and just have a vague sense of unrest. Who knows what I talk about really. But I have some good news. I made an even smaller zine. It half the size of the first one to be exact. There's a good tutorial on rookie magazine that shows you how to fold a zine using one piece of paper. I suggest you use it and make your own zine.

I made this lil' itty bitty zine about my favourite movies in the whole world and I included a quote from each movie. I recommend you watch every movie on this list and then watch them again because they are so good. Also when I made this zine I realized something about my taste. I like magical movies that make life look beautiful and artistic and fun. I guess it says something about how I see the world and how good I am at being realistic (really bad at it). I think it's better to try and see the world as magical and beautiful because the alternative is just depressing. I'll keep my head in the clouds and leave agendas and spreadsheets for others.

Anyways that's all for now,
Hanna signing off

Monday, June 9, 2014

What Is a Circus Bandit?

Hello there folks.

I am here to answer the question that so many people (no one) has been asking. What is a Circus Bandit? Obviously this question is very difficult and for me to just write it out would be far too complicated. So I have done something quite amazing. I made a zine! My very first. It's quite small, but let me tell you... it packs a metaphorical punch.

If you want to see the back cover then you should probably buy the zine so you can find out the wonders of the last page.

I hope you feel informed and willing to break the law,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



I have been painting some paintings lately because I can and also because I am going to be selling paintings and other such things at festivals and farmers markets and online (hahahahhahaha ya right). They are all quite small, but I think they look alright. I never know what to say when I post pictures. So without further ado here are the paintings!!! *applause from audience* *gasps* *faints*

So, like, ya those are the paintings. I'm freezing so I'm going to go.