Saturday, November 23, 2013

Triangles are my favourite shape


By the title of this blog post you might think that I am going to talk about my favourite geometric shape, but that is not the case! Although I do love triangles and both of my pieces for my sculpture class are made up of only triangles....  Anyways, I'm going to talk about one of my favourite bands! Alt-J! Hip hip hooray! They are a band from Leeds, England and they play weird, alternative, experimental music that is wonderful. The lead singer, Joe Newman, doesn't really sound like he is saying actual words so singing along is kind of difficult. I went to an Alt-J concert and my friend Kira has a hilarious video of the audience trying to sing along with the songs and failing miserably. It was such an awesome concert though. It was raining and thundering and lightninging which made everything feel very dramatic. Also I should mention that the alt-j is the keyboard shortcut for the delta symbol, which is a triangle.

This is actually just a page from my sketchbook while I was listening to an Alt-J concert on youtube. It's not particularly clear that it is about Alt-J, but the intention was there!


P.S. Links to my favourite songs by Alt-J songs: Matilda, Tesselate, and Fitzpleasure

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